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Silent Juggling at the tradeshow:

Four minutes guaranteed attention from your prospect!

They hear your message straight through the headphones..


Silent Juggling at the tradeshow:


Silent Juggling: up to 25 headphones for your audience, one or two jugglers present a very short but powerfull show. High-tech glow-clubs combined with great juggling skills create 4 minutes of unforgetable entertainment.

Through the headphones the people hear music completely synchronised with the changing colors of the juggling clubs and tricks. In addition to the visual and musical experience the audience also hear information  about the promoted product, service or organisation through the headphones.


  • Silent Juggling is available in any  language, even Chinese!

  • Texts are translated, pre-recorded and processed.

  • Voice-over text is completely tailor-made!

  • Colors, music  and tricks are all customized!


At the EIBTM in Barcelona Silent Juggling won the prize for the best, most effective and innovative entertainment!


Unique advantages of Silent Juggling:


Your customers complete attention for several minutes, (a certain commitment the visitor enters with the juggler). On the average, a visitor at a trade show will only pay attention for about 20 seconds, and even then from a safe distance.
Text, color of the clubs and even the music are all custom made for the occasion.

Requires very little floor space, and is easily movable.
Generates no noise to bother neighbors.
Even better, Silent Juggling blocks out background noise and creates focus.

Language is no barrier, Silent Juggling can be presented in your language no matter what that is! 
Can be presented in two languages simultaneously.
Even with multiple presentation per hour, the last show of the day is just as fresh and energetic as the first.


Guaranteed more leads at your trade fair?

  1. Book Silent Juggling .

  2. Do a briefing with the artists.

  3. Text is written and recorded.

  4. Performance at the fair.

And your business will never be the same again!

The Silent Juggling presentation:

A custom-made presentation counter: matching your company's colors and logo, for optimal recognition.

Graeme Barnett, the Exhibition Director of EIBTM:
“EIBTM Barcelona saw many creative ways to attract visitors onto exhibitors stands but by far and away the most innovative was Silent Juggling”.

VNU exhibitions Europe:
“The best trade fair entertainment of this moment”.

Bart Stelder van Océ:
"The return of investment is very big”.

Jon Howarth from Manning

the Stand (Exhibition Training):
“Silent Juggling: it’s the future!” 

Robert Hersee from MBTM:
“ It’s difficult to get more intimate than that at a trade fair without running the risk of getting arrested!”




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