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Premium juggling balls

What could be more fun than after an unforgettable juggling workshop of Wouter Hesseling everyone to take home a juggling set...

These juggling balls are of good quality. They are the perfect weight and filled with sterilized birdseed. Among professional jugglers, these balls are called 'bean-bags'.

Because these balls are made of durable material, they last a long time. Inside the ball is a sock filled with birdseed. Double protection and you will notice!
At our request, the balls are not wrapped in plastic first. Less use of plastic, so better for the environment.

Each ball is handmade and checked for the best finish. They are weighed piece by piece so that you always have 3 exactly the same balls in your hands.

These balls don't roll away when you drop them. They are therefore also called 'thuds'.
Perfect for the beginner, but also for the advanced juggler who will practice higher numbers.

Customized to your wishes:
A sticker with your logo, house style and custom text can be placed on the box.
The balls can be chosen in colors as desired.

Price per set: 

Specially designed sticker on the box: 70,- 
With an order above 35 sets  sticker on the box included in the price!

Available colours:


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